PQ Foam Earplugs

Do these work in small ears? Most plugs fall out of mine

PQ earplugs are made from the soft and elastic material of new generation "E-SOFT". You can twist them into a very thin tube and place them in the ear canal easily. After the foam begins to expand. The earplugs are inserted into your ear canal thereby securely fixing your position. There are always exceptions, but in the vast majority of cases - yes, PQ earplugs are suitable for small ears.

Do these contain latex?

PQ EarPlugs made from the quality Foam "E-Soft". They don't contain any latex.


How does this kit differ from others?

1) Earplugs: We put the earplugs out of the new generation of E-Soft material (Developed in early 2017), which perfectly fixes the earplugs in the ear canal! Soft, elastic and soundproof earplugs from PQ will carefully guard your sleep! 
2) Nasal Strips: We made a partnership agreement with the market leader in the production of nasal strips "Better Breath" in order that you can solve the problem with snoring more effectively. The strips will act as an expander of nostrils and facilitate your partner's breath. 
3) For PQ Company workers, the customer comes first. Our job is to make your choice the best and help to build favorable microenvironment for sleep. 

How to clean these foam earplugs?

We do not recommend using these earplugs more than 3 times. They are not cleaning - just take another pair. 

A process of cleaning is easy: 
1. Wash earplugs with mild detergent (30 seconds will be enough) 
2. Wipe earplugs 

How long to hold in the ear until it’s fully expanded?

The earplugs expand in 30 seconds. 

Are these earplugs essentially for one time use? They work great for one night, but the next night they don't expand as well in the ear canal.

Yes, You're right. The foam, which the earplugs are made from loses its properties after use because during sleep our skin emits sweat and earplugs absorb it. 
That's why the set includes 35 pairs of earplugs. 

Are these as effective at blocking out background noise as the silicone earplugs?

They are more comfortable, especially if you're a side sleeper. The effectiveness is not very different, but they are not reusable, so if a pair of earplugs become dirty - better take a new one. 

We produce this model of Foam earplugs only in the standard size special for sleeping. These earplugs really flexible and can squeeze good enough to take the shape of any type of ear it provides a high level of the noise reduction, and it is soft enough for a comfortable sleep on your side. 


Can you still hear your alarm clock?

Yes, you'll be able to hear your alarm clock without any problems. Just make sure that your alarm clock is near the bed. People afraid that the level of noise reduction is so high that they will not hear their alarm clock. Everything will be ok if the sound of alarm clock installed on a higher point.

Does anyone know what the Nrr is for this item? I’m a very light sleeper and anything less than 33db doesn’t work.

Nrr: 32-34 Db. Depends on your ear sizes. Be sure, that you'll receive maximum if will install it properly.  We cared about this and put the "how to use" guide inside. Most of all you will be satisfied. 


PQ Silicone Earplugs

Do these earplugs reduce sound?
You can use them as for swimming as for sleeping! 

Will I still be able to hear my alarm clock with these in?

Yes, you'll be able to hear your alarm clock without any problems. Just make sure that your alarm clock is near the bed.

Are these made in the USA?

Our manufacturing facilities are located in China. But the design and all creative work of the PQ Earplugs for Sleep are done in the United States. 

Is the center made of aluminum?

The center of PQ Earplugs made of a special plastic and serves as the main "stub". 


Are these for “load” events or loud events?

These earplugs are perfect for loud events, it suppresses noise very effectively, 
at the same time, they are very comfortable that you almost do not feel in your ear. 

Will these block out the sound of barking dogs and loud screaming or crying kids and babies in the house?

Using the PQ Earplugs you can partially reduce the sounds around that will help you to asleep. For example noise of the outdoor traffic or neighbors' conversations. 
You will also reduce the sound of barking dogs and loud screaming or crying kids and babies. But, unfortunately, little earplugs that we use, can't block out all the noise around - PQ earplugs will be really helpful if you want to reduce the sound level. 

How do use pg earplugs?
Here I can give you steps which will help You to insert the earplug: 
1. Hold the stem of the earplug firmly behind the largest flange 
2. Reach over your head with the opposite hand and pull the top of your ear to open the ear canal. While you are still holding the ear open, push the smallest flange of the plug into your ear canal, twisting the plug slightly as you push. 
3. For best noise reduction, insert plugs as deeply as possible 
Also, my personal recommendation that you put a little saliva on the earplugs when you put them in your ears. It helps them seal and makes it easier to pull them out. 

Is there anything holding them to prevent you drop them when you wear them?

Yes! You will find a special cord in a packaging, that you can use to hold the earplugs 

Is it easy to clean this? How do you do this?

Yes, it's pretty easy, if we are talking about silicone earplugs. Usually, it's enough just to wipe them with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can also wash them in a soapy water. To do this, remove the filter, dry it and put it back. It is recommended to clean them after each use and store in a dry container. 

How many uses can you get out this one pair?

You can use this EarPlugs an unlimited number of times! 

Will this block the sound of a bunch of people in a room typing on their computers for an exam?

PQ earplugs will help you to reduce noises such as typing on the keyboard or birdsong from your window. This exactly will help you to relax. 

How to easily pull out? Are the tips short and tricky to pull out of ears?

Just start to slowly swing them in a circle and simultaneously protrude - this way is the most effective to pull them out

Is it all one piece or the bottom pegs detach?

The Earplugs made with a special tunnel to let your ears breath. Bottom pegs are detachable to let you clean the earplugs properly. (it isn't regarding the swimming earplugs, because they haven’t tunneled)