FAQs Sleep Mask

1. Does it put any pressure on the eyes? I find that to be a problem for me with many sleep masks.
No it does not. You can adjust the strap to be as loose or tight as you wish. It is very soft material.
2. I want to buy sleep masks for my husband and children. My husband has a big head and my child is a 12 years old boy, Do you think these will fit them?
Good question! I measured these blindfolds, they have a fully adjustable strap, suitable for the head circumference from 18.5 inches to 27.5 inches! These suitable for women/men/kids, comfortable to wear and blocks out light completely. I'm very satisfied (and so is my husband). Hope you get the same results if you buy it!
3. Does it block out light?
Adjust the position well and almost no light. if you feel some light, just put down the sleep mask down to close to your nose.