FAQs Wax Cott 12

1. Can these be used for lap swimming?
Wax keeps out water better than other ear plugs. When our daughter was small and got frequent swimmer's ear, we blocked out the water effectively with wax and a swimming cap. The wax warms up and forms in your ear and creates a tighter seal than rubber or plastic. But you won't get as many uses out of it. The wax is a little gross when you take it out! Also, we know guys who use ear wax for surfing and they are obviously not using a swimming cap... I like wax for blocking out noise. It is more comfortable for sensitive ears.
2. Do theses cause wax buildup in the ear, especially they melt?
I’ve had no problem with buildup..they don’t melt in my ears. Best earplugs I’ve used in years. Highly recommend
3. Do you take the wool wrapping off?
Yes, you need to pull as much of the wool off as you can. It won't all come off, but most of it will.