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4. Will this stop the barking of dogs at night right by your neighbor?
The NRR of PQ Earplugs for Sleeping is 32 Db. If you correctly insert the earplugs then you will practically not hear extraneous sounds. However, It will still depend on where the dog is. If it's in another apartment - you won't hear, if it comes to wake you up - then you will!
With a Noise Reduction Rating of 32-34 decibels, PQ Earplugs allow you to hear all Important warning signals like fire alarms, emergency calls, loud comments, and crying children. PQ earplugs will be really helpful if you want to reduce the sound level. I hope it helps!
5. Are these ear plugs dye free?
Yes, They are dye free, according to FDA standards.
6. My ear canals are too large for most ear plugs to seal properly.Has anyone had that problem with these?
Nope, these are great!!
7. Are these latex free?
I don't know for sure but ,I really doubt if they are
8. Do I throw these out after each use?
No. They are absolutely reusable.
9. How are they at blocking out snoring?
The product says NRR 32 dB and actually it is more than enough to enjoy quiet during the sleep.
10. Anyone else find the silicone earplugs included uncomfortable especially when sleeping on the side?
Yes, the hard ones that come as a sample are like torture!