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4. Can my 7 yr old use these for swimming?
I wouldn't expect these to keep water out of one's ears if that's what your asking.
5. How to keep in place when the wax stays warm/malleable? Switching sleep positions in the night results in the plug moving out of my ear by morning.
Try doubling the wax inserts...two in each ear. It works well on a plane incidentally that way and blocks out almost all sound.
6. Are they comfortable to wear if you sleep primarily on your side?
Hey! I am not related to the product whatsoever except being a legit consumer for years with great satisfactory of its comfort and reusability (you can tell when its time to discard)
7. How many times can a pair be reused?
My mother has been using these for decades.I started using them about 10 years ago. Truth is, you can reuse them for a very long time! Weeks, months even, provided that you keep them clean in a container.
8. This may be a silly question, are you supposed to leave the cotton on these or pick it off? I've used wax plugs before, but never with cotton.
Good Question...Yes you warm the earplugs in your hands and work the cotton into the wax. The cotton will continue to blend together as the wax warms up. It seems weird but they are the best ear plugs I have ever used.