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The quality of your sleep matters. These earplugs are designed about 20% smaller than PQ standard-sized foam earplugs, to provide ultimate comfort for everyone with small or sensitive ear canals. Great for sleeping, snoring, studying, loud events and travel.



PQ Earplugs are made with soft, flexible material - closed-cell foam, that adapts to the contours of your ear. And what is the most important - they are smaller, than regular earplugs, so you can easily use 1 pair up to 10 times.




PQ Earplugs fit properly, provide high noise reduction and come with a convenient case for 20 pairs. They're constructed to be 20 percent smaller than regular plugs and hypoallergenic foam, which fits for all ear sizes.


If you need silence when you sleep, especially if you love sleeping on the side, these PQ earplugs will give you the level of rest you seek. Best of all, they're hypoallergenic and have a tapered design that won't cause any discomfort.


PQ Small Earplugs with a strong NRR of 32 decibels are sure to drown out loud noises around you. And we can honestly recommend them to anyone who has small ears.


  • 20 pairs of small foam ear plugs for sleeping, travelling, working.
  • Carrying Case


There is no need to worry about noises like partner`s snoring, traffic or ear infections - with PQ foam earplugs in your ears. Add to cart and try! 

1. What is the level of noise reduction? Is it enough to block out street noise at night?
NRR for this item is 34 dB - it's enough to block out street noise at night.
2. What is the actual size of these? Can I use them for my child?
You could try. The age recommendation is 12+
3. I have very small ears. what is the difference in size between these and your other foam plugs?
There is a very noticeable difference. Much smaller.
4. I want to buy them for my wife, but she is a side sleeper. Will they fall out at night?
These PQ earplugs are created for side sleepers. Small earplugs are not falling out during sleep, because they fit comfortably in the ears
5. What is the height of these earplugs? Does anyone know if they are shorter than Mack’s slim fit?
The height is 0.87 inches. With a fantastic quality of the foam (up to 20 uses for 1 pair), these earplugs are one of the best for people with small ears. You should try. We'll help you with a refund, in case you won't like them
6. How many pairs go in one package?
20 Pairs
7. Is it okay to use them for a child? To be exact, 10-year old one?
Yes! They are specially designed to use for small ear sizes, so you can use them for children as well. We sincerely hope, that your family will enjoy it!
8. Can I sleep on side with them?
Yes, they are created for side sleepers
9. Can the ear plugs be worn more than once?
Actually one pair can be used once, but if it`s fine for you after the first time - they can be reused.
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items
PQ FOAM EAR PLUGS - 40 items

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Alyssa B.
United States
Small ear plugs

Love these ear plugs! Super comfortable to sleep in. This company is awesome!!! I'll be buying again!!! Thank you!!

Marta L.
They work!

It has taken me Years to find ear plugs for my tiny ear canals. Finally these work and I can sleep at night while my husband is on the phone working. Thank you!!!

Like it

Really nice item a for reasonable price. Comfortable. Does not disturb you while wearing. Does its work

Michele B.
They work, and very comfortable

These are real soft not luke regular ear plugs.. and cancel all noice.. I didn’t even hear the loud geese in the yard!!! Or my husband snoring

Ponce F.
Work very good for me

Really nice item. Fast shipping. I have husband with terrible snore and this device really helps me